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OK, this is Brittney here. I'm sorry to say that for right now I'm going to have to stop writing this story. I just got so much going on right now in my life, plus I'm actually trying to right a book right now and I'm trying to finish it for I can get it published before Christmas! But anyway this is not a permanent stop but just for now =) Thanks for reading President's Daughter! All of your positive feedback really meant a lot! Luv you guys.


A nation divided- Joey

I petaled swiftly down a road that was full of debris. 
" This must have been near a military base," I thought to myself, since the damage looked like it had been done by a explosion.
I kept on pedaling harder anxious to get out of the area. The erry, empty street gave me the creeps. I was just about to turn out of the abandoned street when I heard a soft cry.
I slowly stopped my bike. I stood there for a second hearing nothing. The hairs on my neck stood out, and my hands began to shake.
" I need to get out of here." I started to peddle again when I heard a louder cry. It sounded like a child but I wasn't sure.
I stopped once again, " Hello?" I called out.
" H-elp m-me. P-pl-please! I n-need h-elp." The voice sounded shaky and afraid. I quickly dropped my bike and started walking over to where I believed the voice was coming from.
" Call for me again!" I yelled, " I don't know where you are! Do you see me?"
" N-no!" The voice called out more clear this time. It sounded like a boy. " It's dark. I'm st-stuck. My l-egs 're hurt real bad."
I started walking towards a huge pile of rummage. I started pulling down metal tins of roof, rock, and other unrecognizable things.
" Things are falling down!"the boy hollered, " I t-think you a-are c-close!"
I vigorously tore at the debris until I had a small gap. I stuck my head through. " Do you see me?" I whispered. 
" Yes," He whimpered out. Through the darkness I saw something move. At first it startled me but then I realized it must be him.
" Give me your hand." I whispered calmly.
I felt small fingertips touching mine.
" OK, on the count of three I'm going to pull you out!" I said.
" 1-2-3" I said yanking on his hand. I heard him yowl in pain. I lifted him up and looked at his tear stained face.
 A child's tears breaks my heart
My heart broke in two at seeing the poor thing.
" What hurts?" I ask trying to keep my voice level and calm.
" My leg," He said through clenched teeth.
I looked down at his torn pant legs and I could see a dark color of red. The cut looked deep and infected.
I covered my mouth to keep myself from crying out.
" What happened?" I asked.
The boys eyes began to swell up with tears, " I was playing outside on my bike," He said. " And then I heard an explosion. Things flew everywhere!" He said his body shaking with sobs, " I heard my momma scream and was black."
I hugged the little boy and rocked him trying to calm him down. Once his crying slowed. I wiped away his tears and looked at him.
He gave me a smile and I smiled back.
Little Boy
" Thank you." He whispered.
" Any time!" I said grinning trying to keep my self from crying.
" What's your name?" I asked.
" Joey."
" Well Joey it's very nice to meet you. My name is Moll- I mean Chloe. and I'm hear to take care of you. So we are going to go get that leg of yours fixed and then I'm going to get you something to eat. You hungry?"
" I'm starving." He said a longing in his eyes, " And thirsty too."
My heard broke at the realization that this boy had probably been stuck under that debris for longer then three days.
I picked him up and started walking towards my bike. I once again didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I now had a person to take care of. I wasn't going to just leave this boy. I didn't care how much trouble he might cause, I just knew that he needed me.
But then I think I might need him more then he needs me.

A nation Divided- The New Molly

I stared at my own reflection in the mirror and held in a gasp of horror. My once beautiful long black hair was lying in a pile under the salon chair. My new hair was a bleach blond, angled right underneath my chin. My big brown eyes were now covered by thick wired glasses that I  bought from a pharmacy before entering the salon. 
" What have I done?" I whispered to the reflection of a stranger staring back at me.
" What's that you say?" the hairstylist said to me, her mouth smacking on a piece of gum, " you not happy with your new do?" She asked putting her plump fingers on her hips. 
"  Oh, no! It looks...lovely," I said trying to convince myself that it really did look fine, but then a memory of my family stroking my long black hair came to me, ' You're my little raven Molly, and nobody's ever going to steal you away from me!"
 little girl & her dad photography
 He said lifting me up and whirling me around. I giggled, " That's because you are my hero daddy!" I said giggling and then I planted a kiss on his cheek. ' I love you daddy." 

    A tear fell down my cheek at the memory, I lifted my hand to wipe it away but instead I touched my new glasses framing my eyes. Anger rippled through my body, I didn't deserve this! My family, my life, my identity has been stolen from me! And all because of some power thirsty terrorists!
    I lifted my chin up and my tears stopped.
" How much do I owe you?" I asked roughly to the stylist.
" 85 dollars," She said. I opened up my bag and pulled out a wad of bills and slapped them in her outstretched hands.
" Thanks," She said gruffly. I was about to walk out the door when she stopped me.
" What's your name?" She asked me.
" Why do you want to know?" I asked.
She pulled out a book from behind her counter, " It's a new regulation. Every customer must leave their name." Her eyes pierced through me.
" My name's C-Chloe," I said searching my brain for a new name, " - my name is -Chloe Everett."
I walked out the door and heard the bell on the door jingle. 
Love these streets.
I looked at the almost empty street ahead of me, and I started walking.
I saw a bike standing alone a few feet away, I hopped on and started riding it, not even noticing that I had just stolen someone's bike.
  I didn't know where I was going,  I didn't even know where I was.
But I knew one thing- Those terrorists were going to pay, and I was going to find out a way to bring justice to my country, to the world, and to my family.
I didn't know how; but I knew I must, or I would die trying.

A Nation Divided- Time to change

    I opened my eyes to the bright sunlight shining through the dusty rafters above me. I stretched out my stiff arms and legs and held back a grunt from the pain. I was sore, hungry, afraid, and alone. I cautiously pulled myself up into a sitting position and thought back to three days before when I had found out in one shocking moment that all my family was dead. My life had been a whirlwind of action the past three days.  I was deeply exhausted so I found an old rickety building and slept in it all night.
  Abandoned Places, Abandoned Building

     It had been my first full night of sleep since the bombings. I quickly grabbed my bag of belongings that was sitting next to me and I jumped off the unstable piece of metal I had been sleeping on, I cautiously stepped around debris and headed out on my way again. I needed to find a way out of Hawaii and I wasn’t making much progress. Guards guarded every port and every highway.
 All news presses, offices, and stations have been taken over by the Terrorists. Now every radio station & every TV broadcast was full of threats of death to all those who interfered with the terrorists. No one was allowed out of their state. Everyone had become prisoners in their own country. There was no easy escape, if not any at all.

I stuck my hand into my bag and pulled out a wad of bills that I had thankfully been able to recover from the safe in the remains of my bungalow.  Since I knew the combination it was easy to access. I hadn’t spent any money yet besides on some candy bars and a drink from a small grocery store. I knew that my money would vanish quickly and I knew that I would need it to last a very long time.

    I knew that I couldn’t be out in public often and I couldn’t afford to let the terrorists know of my survival, but I had to do something to disguise myself. Just hanging out around the slums wouldn’t keep me hidden forever. Almost everyone knew what I looked like since I was the President’s daughter, and I knew all the terrorists knew more than anyone. So I had to make a decision; I had to change my looks.

    I sighed and headed over to a hair salon that I had seen a few blocks away. I had no choice; I had to change my identity.
     I was no longer Molly Freshman: President’s daughter; I was Nobody: orphan on the run.
.... to be continued...

A nation divided

I looked up at the bright sun shining down on my eyes.
: )
 I pulled my bright orange sunglasses from my brown eyes, and smiled. I hadn’t had a vacation forever! I was so glad that my father had insisted on me going on a nice peaceful vacation to Hawaii. Things have beenso busy in D.C. I was glad to get away. I turned around in my chair and looked behind me; two men in black suits stood about 10 feet away from me. I sighed, “Guys really!” I said annoyed, ‘I’m on vacation do you really have to be so protective?”
“It’s our duty to protect you.” They both said at the same time.
I sighed, “Well just give me some privacy!”
The guards stepped back about five feet.
I wrinkled my nose in disgust, I never have any privacy!
I stood up and headed for the ocean in front of me, the soft sand slid between my toes. I giggled in delight and then ran into the cool, salty water.
 summer summer summer summer
“Don’t go too deep Miss Molly!” Carl, one of my bodyguards shouted stepping closer.
“For crying out loud Carl! I’m fifteen, not five!” I yelled.
“Yes, well…”
The loud sound of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song filled the air, interrupting Carl’s voice. It was my phone.
Carl stepped forward with the other new guard Steve close behind him, “We’ll answer that for you Molly.” He said.
“No you will not!” I yelled, “It’s my phone, so I will answer it!”
I marched out of the water and flipped open my phone.
“Hello…” Before I could get a word out, my dad started saying things so fast I couldn’t understand a word.
“Daddy!” I said laughing, “slow down, I can’t understand you.’
“Molly!” He said breathlessly, “Get out of there now! They are…” He pulled in a gulp of air, he had obviously been running “Molly, sweetie, I need you to listen to me very closely and do as I say as soon as possible!”
My face turned ashen and my expression became serious, “what is it?’ I whispered.
“I need you to get out of there and quick! You are in danger… we’re all in danger!”
“But I don’t understand… I’m on vacation…”
“Molly!” my dad shouted, “You must get out of there NOW! You have NO TIME to lose! Darling…” He stopped, I could hear his voice catch as if crying, “I love you.”
My hands started to shake until my whole body was shaking in fear.
“I love you too.” I said meaning every word, “ I love you, mom, and George so much, but I don’t understand…”
“There is no time to explain! Now, Get out! Get out now!” he started, “ I…” The sound of an explosion erupted through the phone, and then static, the words “connection lost” flashed on my phone.
“What’s going on?” Carl asked.
“I… I have to…” I stammered shaking in fear, “I have to go…”
“You aren’t going anywhere without us!” The guards said in defiance.
“I've got to go to the bathroom!” I screamed. And then I ran to my bungalows outdoor restroom, I knew the guards wouldn’t follow me into here.
    I leaned against the door tears falling down my cheeks. “I’ve got to get out of here!” I whispered. Creaking open the door I saw my guards standing a few feet away - talking. This was my chance. Throwing open the door I darted out and ran as fast as my feet could carry me, I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t care either; I just had to obey my dad.
“Wait!?! Come back!” I heard  Carl and Steve scream yards away. But I was too far ahead.
I started running even faster, I ran through the yard, down the driveway, turned down a sidewalk, there were people walking everywhere, bumping into me. I was about to run into a gas station a few feet away when something knocked me off my feet, I hit the ground hard. the sound of an explosion rung in my ears.  People all around me screamed for help, I could hear the sound of a siren in the distance, I tried to get up off the ground; my arm hurt from hitting it against the concrete.
   "Go go go!!"
I looked around me; the world seemed to be moving back and forth, I grabbed on to the sidewalks railing to try to steady myself. Slowly my vision cleared and I regained focus. All around me people lay on the floor covering their heads for safety; men dialed 911 talking franticually, baby’s cried. And women and children cried out in fear.
I started walking down the road back to the bungalow but I couldn’t get closer than 200 feet. Debris laid everywhere, the bungalow was gone, ash covering the ground.  I turned my head away fearing I would see a body of Carl, Steve, or one of my maids. I stood in a daze, and tears began to fall down my cheeks.
  After a few moments, an ambulance arrived, and a News van.
A young woman came up tome from the vehicle, “Girl! Young lady!”She yelled at me, “Could you please get back so I can get some footage and then please go to my crew there for questioning,” she said pointing to a group of reporters.
“What’s going on?” I asked her, “Where is the army, and police?”
“The army?” The lady looked puzzled.
“Yes, the army!” I said, “don’t you know that that bungalow that just blew up was where the President’s daughter was having vacation!?! The Pearl Harbor base  is only a few mintues away! The army should be here by now!”
The lady looked at mein shock, “They killed the daughter too!” She said whispering to herself.
“What do you mean?’ I asked sucking in my breath.
The lady looked up at me and her eyes looked haunted in fear.
All at once the sound of phones ringing boomed from her reporting van. Her and I turned around at the noise.
A few of the reporters went to answer the phones. After a few minutes of talking, they then turned around. they looked at the young woman. The men’s eyes were full of terror.
“Shelly!” one of them said to the young woman standing beside me , “a report has come in… All of our army bases have been…bombed.” He said in a daze as if he didn’t understand his own words.
“What do you mean ALL?” Shelly asked in a shaky voice, “You don’t mean ALL bases! That’s impossible there are hundreds… it’s just not possible, do you mean all of Hawaii’s bases?”
“Shelly!” the reported said again, “ALL of the US.A. Military bases have been eliminated, the white house has been bombed, and the president is dead including all of his family, and there have been sightings of hundreds of Arab battle ships near Canada’s border.
 I glared in shock. Chaos surrounded me.
   The reporter Shelly dropped to the ground in shock, her expensive camera in her hand dropped hitting the concrete and shattering into pieces. Men, woman, and children ran around. The ambulance’s siren rung in the air, nurses loaded up people who had been injured from the explosion onto stretchers. And I felt numb like I couldn’t move, but yet I ran as fast as I could.
    I was not safe. America was not safe. The whole continent of North America was probably not safe. The whole world might even not be safe. 
 Sunrise breaking through the clouds over the Statue of Liberty
    My parents were dead. My brother was dead. The reporter had said so. I had hoped that he was wrong, but somehow I know he wasn’t. I know they are gone. I know that my wonderful family is dead.
   Those thoughts flooded my brain as I ran. I was in danger. I was in danger because I am the president’s daughter, and if the Terrorists ever found out that I had survived that explosion, they would hunt me down. They would then kill me just like they killed my family.  I could trust no one. I had to go incognito. I had to run for my life.