A Nation Divided- Time to change

    I opened my eyes to the bright sunlight shining through the dusty rafters above me. I stretched out my stiff arms and legs and held back a grunt from the pain. I was sore, hungry, afraid, and alone. I cautiously pulled myself up into a sitting position and thought back to three days before when I had found out in one shocking moment that all my family was dead. My life had been a whirlwind of action the past three days.  I was deeply exhausted so I found an old rickety building and slept in it all night.
  Abandoned Places, Abandoned Building

     It had been my first full night of sleep since the bombings. I quickly grabbed my bag of belongings that was sitting next to me and I jumped off the unstable piece of metal I had been sleeping on, I cautiously stepped around debris and headed out on my way again. I needed to find a way out of Hawaii and I wasn’t making much progress. Guards guarded every port and every highway.
 All news presses, offices, and stations have been taken over by the Terrorists. Now every radio station & every TV broadcast was full of threats of death to all those who interfered with the terrorists. No one was allowed out of their state. Everyone had become prisoners in their own country. There was no easy escape, if not any at all.

I stuck my hand into my bag and pulled out a wad of bills that I had thankfully been able to recover from the safe in the remains of my bungalow.  Since I knew the combination it was easy to access. I hadn’t spent any money yet besides on some candy bars and a drink from a small grocery store. I knew that my money would vanish quickly and I knew that I would need it to last a very long time.

    I knew that I couldn’t be out in public often and I couldn’t afford to let the terrorists know of my survival, but I had to do something to disguise myself. Just hanging out around the slums wouldn’t keep me hidden forever. Almost everyone knew what I looked like since I was the President’s daughter, and I knew all the terrorists knew more than anyone. So I had to make a decision; I had to change my looks.

    I sighed and headed over to a hair salon that I had seen a few blocks away. I had no choice; I had to change my identity.
     I was no longer Molly Freshman: President’s daughter; I was Nobody: orphan on the run.
.... to be continued...


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