A nation divided

I looked up at the bright sun shining down on my eyes.
: )
 I pulled my bright orange sunglasses from my brown eyes, and smiled. I hadn’t had a vacation forever! I was so glad that my father had insisted on me going on a nice peaceful vacation to Hawaii. Things have beenso busy in D.C. I was glad to get away. I turned around in my chair and looked behind me; two men in black suits stood about 10 feet away from me. I sighed, “Guys really!” I said annoyed, ‘I’m on vacation do you really have to be so protective?”
“It’s our duty to protect you.” They both said at the same time.
I sighed, “Well just give me some privacy!”
The guards stepped back about five feet.
I wrinkled my nose in disgust, I never have any privacy!
I stood up and headed for the ocean in front of me, the soft sand slid between my toes. I giggled in delight and then ran into the cool, salty water.
 summer summer summer summer
“Don’t go too deep Miss Molly!” Carl, one of my bodyguards shouted stepping closer.
“For crying out loud Carl! I’m fifteen, not five!” I yelled.
“Yes, well…”
The loud sound of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song filled the air, interrupting Carl’s voice. It was my phone.
Carl stepped forward with the other new guard Steve close behind him, “We’ll answer that for you Molly.” He said.
“No you will not!” I yelled, “It’s my phone, so I will answer it!”
I marched out of the water and flipped open my phone.
“Hello…” Before I could get a word out, my dad started saying things so fast I couldn’t understand a word.
“Daddy!” I said laughing, “slow down, I can’t understand you.’
“Molly!” He said breathlessly, “Get out of there now! They are…” He pulled in a gulp of air, he had obviously been running “Molly, sweetie, I need you to listen to me very closely and do as I say as soon as possible!”
My face turned ashen and my expression became serious, “what is it?’ I whispered.
“I need you to get out of there and quick! You are in danger… we’re all in danger!”
“But I don’t understand… I’m on vacation…”
“Molly!” my dad shouted, “You must get out of there NOW! You have NO TIME to lose! Darling…” He stopped, I could hear his voice catch as if crying, “I love you.”
My hands started to shake until my whole body was shaking in fear.
“I love you too.” I said meaning every word, “ I love you, mom, and George so much, but I don’t understand…”
“There is no time to explain! Now, Get out! Get out now!” he started, “ I…” The sound of an explosion erupted through the phone, and then static, the words “connection lost” flashed on my phone.
“What’s going on?” Carl asked.
“I… I have to…” I stammered shaking in fear, “I have to go…”
“You aren’t going anywhere without us!” The guards said in defiance.
“I've got to go to the bathroom!” I screamed. And then I ran to my bungalows outdoor restroom, I knew the guards wouldn’t follow me into here.
    I leaned against the door tears falling down my cheeks. “I’ve got to get out of here!” I whispered. Creaking open the door I saw my guards standing a few feet away - talking. This was my chance. Throwing open the door I darted out and ran as fast as my feet could carry me, I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t care either; I just had to obey my dad.
“Wait!?! Come back!” I heard  Carl and Steve scream yards away. But I was too far ahead.
I started running even faster, I ran through the yard, down the driveway, turned down a sidewalk, there were people walking everywhere, bumping into me. I was about to run into a gas station a few feet away when something knocked me off my feet, I hit the ground hard. the sound of an explosion rung in my ears.  People all around me screamed for help, I could hear the sound of a siren in the distance, I tried to get up off the ground; my arm hurt from hitting it against the concrete.
   "Go go go!!"
I looked around me; the world seemed to be moving back and forth, I grabbed on to the sidewalks railing to try to steady myself. Slowly my vision cleared and I regained focus. All around me people lay on the floor covering their heads for safety; men dialed 911 talking franticually, baby’s cried. And women and children cried out in fear.
I started walking down the road back to the bungalow but I couldn’t get closer than 200 feet. Debris laid everywhere, the bungalow was gone, ash covering the ground.  I turned my head away fearing I would see a body of Carl, Steve, or one of my maids. I stood in a daze, and tears began to fall down my cheeks.
  After a few moments, an ambulance arrived, and a News van.
A young woman came up tome from the vehicle, “Girl! Young lady!”She yelled at me, “Could you please get back so I can get some footage and then please go to my crew there for questioning,” she said pointing to a group of reporters.
“What’s going on?” I asked her, “Where is the army, and police?”
“The army?” The lady looked puzzled.
“Yes, the army!” I said, “don’t you know that that bungalow that just blew up was where the President’s daughter was having vacation!?! The Pearl Harbor base  is only a few mintues away! The army should be here by now!”
The lady looked at mein shock, “They killed the daughter too!” She said whispering to herself.
“What do you mean?’ I asked sucking in my breath.
The lady looked up at me and her eyes looked haunted in fear.
All at once the sound of phones ringing boomed from her reporting van. Her and I turned around at the noise.
A few of the reporters went to answer the phones. After a few minutes of talking, they then turned around. they looked at the young woman. The men’s eyes were full of terror.
“Shelly!” one of them said to the young woman standing beside me , “a report has come in… All of our army bases have been…bombed.” He said in a daze as if he didn’t understand his own words.
“What do you mean ALL?” Shelly asked in a shaky voice, “You don’t mean ALL bases! That’s impossible there are hundreds… it’s just not possible, do you mean all of Hawaii’s bases?”
“Shelly!” the reported said again, “ALL of the US.A. Military bases have been eliminated, the white house has been bombed, and the president is dead including all of his family, and there have been sightings of hundreds of Arab battle ships near Canada’s border.
 I glared in shock. Chaos surrounded me.
   The reporter Shelly dropped to the ground in shock, her expensive camera in her hand dropped hitting the concrete and shattering into pieces. Men, woman, and children ran around. The ambulance’s siren rung in the air, nurses loaded up people who had been injured from the explosion onto stretchers. And I felt numb like I couldn’t move, but yet I ran as fast as I could.
    I was not safe. America was not safe. The whole continent of North America was probably not safe. The whole world might even not be safe. 
 Sunrise breaking through the clouds over the Statue of Liberty
    My parents were dead. My brother was dead. The reporter had said so. I had hoped that he was wrong, but somehow I know he wasn’t. I know they are gone. I know that my wonderful family is dead.
   Those thoughts flooded my brain as I ran. I was in danger. I was in danger because I am the president’s daughter, and if the Terrorists ever found out that I had survived that explosion, they would hunt me down. They would then kill me just like they killed my family.  I could trust no one. I had to go incognito. I had to run for my life. 



  1. Wow, Brittney, this is really good! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Will you post the next part soon?

    1. I am soooo glad you liked it!!!!! Um... well i wont be able to post again till the end of May =/ the reason for that is because my mom said that it will take too much of my time to "officially" start this blog! So i will announce on my main blog when I will "officially" start posting on here on a continual basis!

    2. Your welcome! :) Oh, okay! That's totally fine. :)

  2. Oh my word! I was on edge the entire time! You're sure good at writing suspense!
    I can't wait for more!

  3. Oh my, oh my!!!!! Oh yeah, I was nearly FALLING off of mine, not even on the edge! ;) That was awesome! I am new to this blog, as well as your official blog, but so far I have enjoyed EVERYTHING! You’re really good at writing! I love to write! Keep it up, can't wait for more!

    1. Oh thank u so much Isabella!! That just really made my day =) you are so sweet!

  4. Just found this blog and the story is amazing!!!

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  6. I love the story, theirs a lot of suspension! I'll be checking back for more. :)

  7. Hey Britt, love it! Probably my favorite so far =) Can't wait for more! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Oh my goodness! This is amazing, Brittney Ann! I love these kinds of movies, so when I was reading this, I felt like I was watching a movie. It's very end times-ish, which I love, since is like 2080! I am so glad I am following, because I am hooked from just reading this first chapter. Anyways, I totally think you should consider publishing this, it is THAT good. :)


  9. U all are such a blessing to me!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story & even comment! I luv you guys!!