Molly (nation of disaster) 
Me: Molly a.k.a Chloe
about: The main character of all the adventures on this blog! Molly is a head strong, determined girl who will do anything to bring the terrorists who invaded her country to their knees and restore the country back to the amazing country it was once known as: America

 Wendy (nation of disaster)
Name: Wendy
about: Molly's good companion who is the daughter of the governor of Hawaii who died in the terrorist's bombings. She is a sweet, gently, but outspoken girl.

Little Boy 
Name: Joey
about: The little orphan Molly finds and takes under her wing. She swears to protect him no matter the cost.

A young man sits on the roadside with his face masked by a blue scarf wrapped around his head and face in central Morocco.
About: The leader of the terrorist group that has attacked the U.S.A. He is an evil man who will stop at nothing to destroy America.

Name: Raahil & Dabir
about: Kasam's twin sons who are sent out to hunt down Molly. There identity is unknown.

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