A nation divided- Joey

I petaled swiftly down a road that was full of debris. 
" This must have been near a military base," I thought to myself, since the damage looked like it had been done by a explosion.
I kept on pedaling harder anxious to get out of the area. The erry, empty street gave me the creeps. I was just about to turn out of the abandoned street when I heard a soft cry.
I slowly stopped my bike. I stood there for a second hearing nothing. The hairs on my neck stood out, and my hands began to shake.
" I need to get out of here." I started to peddle again when I heard a louder cry. It sounded like a child but I wasn't sure.
I stopped once again, " Hello?" I called out.
" H-elp m-me. P-pl-please! I n-need h-elp." The voice sounded shaky and afraid. I quickly dropped my bike and started walking over to where I believed the voice was coming from.
" Call for me again!" I yelled, " I don't know where you are! Do you see me?"
" N-no!" The voice called out more clear this time. It sounded like a boy. " It's dark. I'm st-stuck. My l-egs 're hurt real bad."
I started walking towards a huge pile of rummage. I started pulling down metal tins of roof, rock, and other unrecognizable things.
" Things are falling down!"the boy hollered, " I t-think you a-are c-close!"
I vigorously tore at the debris until I had a small gap. I stuck my head through. " Do you see me?" I whispered. 
" Yes," He whimpered out. Through the darkness I saw something move. At first it startled me but then I realized it must be him.
" Give me your hand." I whispered calmly.
I felt small fingertips touching mine.
" OK, on the count of three I'm going to pull you out!" I said.
" 1-2-3" I said yanking on his hand. I heard him yowl in pain. I lifted him up and looked at his tear stained face.
 A child's tears breaks my heart
My heart broke in two at seeing the poor thing.
" What hurts?" I ask trying to keep my voice level and calm.
" My leg," He said through clenched teeth.
I looked down at his torn pant legs and I could see a dark color of red. The cut looked deep and infected.
I covered my mouth to keep myself from crying out.
" What happened?" I asked.
The boys eyes began to swell up with tears, " I was playing outside on my bike," He said. " And then I heard an explosion. Things flew everywhere!" He said his body shaking with sobs, " I heard my momma scream and then...it was black."
I hugged the little boy and rocked him trying to calm him down. Once his crying slowed. I wiped away his tears and looked at him.
He gave me a smile and I smiled back.
Little Boy
" Thank you." He whispered.
" Any time!" I said grinning trying to keep my self from crying.
" What's your name?" I asked.
" Joey."
" Well Joey it's very nice to meet you. My name is Moll- I mean Chloe. and I'm hear to take care of you. So we are going to go get that leg of yours fixed and then I'm going to get you something to eat. You hungry?"
" I'm starving." He said a longing in his eyes, " And thirsty too."
My heard broke at the realization that this boy had probably been stuck under that debris for longer then three days.
I picked him up and started walking towards my bike. I once again didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I now had a person to take care of. I wasn't going to just leave this boy. I didn't care how much trouble he might cause, I just knew that he needed me.
But then I think I might need him more then he needs me.


  1. As usual, absolutely brilliant!! I can't wait to read more!!! =D

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  3. Love it! Great job once again. :)

  4. One of the best books ever!! Once it's published it'll be at my top 5 fav books! (which is a great accomplishment!)

    Tw (Abrielle Lindsay)